Become a Member
By becoming a member of Westside Referrals Network, you will have access to high-caliber business professionals who can introduce you to clients and the referral sources you need to grow your business. Because conflicts of interest are disallowed (i.e., only one person from any given profession is allowed into our chapter), our members represent the top professionals in their field, including:
  • Douglas S. Christian, financial representative of Northwestern Mutual will provide you with access to a nationwide network of representatives, advisors and specialists—people who have invested their time and developed their talents to become experts and they have the knowledge that comes only from experience.
  • Eddie Borgwardt, whose auto accessories store, Startronics, has participated in such car shows as SEMA and CES, and has been featured in The Wire Magazine and LA Magazine.

Our membership is diverse, ranging from an accountant to a video production specialist with a vast group of professionals in between. All of our members will become your personal sales force. The more they know about your business, the more sales leads they can generate for you. In turn, your business will grow.

To become a member, start by attending a meeting. For more information about the requirements of our members, please see our list of frequently asked questions.

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